Translation & Voice Over Services


Welcome, I am a dedicated, qualified and experienced freelance translator and voice over artist. I work from Central London, providing translating services from French, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese into English, and I offer pre- and post- produced voice over recordings in English.  I endeavour to bridge cultural barriers and to assist your communication through English.

Translation  Having gained a Post Graduate Diploma in translation, and with several years of experience, I know what is important to be able to provide you with a perfect translation. My expertise in various fields allows me to address your individual requirement, and to carry it out accurately, and to your satisfaction.

Voice Over – With a background in voice and speech techniques, and my own top quality personal home studio, I can produce voice over sound files, which I can send internationally if needed. My voice can be used in many areas and is not necessarily limited to the texts I translate. I have a native British accent, with a friendly, engaging and clear tone.

Contact me for more information on other services such as proofreading, editing and copy writing.

Free Quotation  will help you to better estimate the cost of your job. I will let you know how much it will cost and also how long it will take, and can also offer payment options based on your preferred method of payment.  

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The only email addresses I use is:, or contact form message.  I can not be liable for any work request, or invoice, issued under my name from any other email addresses.

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