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LaraBarnettPhotoAbout Me and My Philosophy

I am passionate about communicating and translating words and ideas from one language to another: as much for my own simple love of languages, as for the satisfaction of enabling somebody from a completely different country and culture to understand something they otherwise might not have.  I am also passionate about communicating in spoken language and take much pride and care in every voice over recording that I do.

International experiences, my post graduate professional translation training, and an enthusiasm for learning vocal techniques and recording voice overs have motivated me to develop my multilingual skills, to offer high quality translation services to anybody who needs, and to establish myself as a professional translator offering voice over services.

Striving to bridge the gap between two cultures, I always try to express myself (in my native language) with precision and clarity.  I also take pride in ensuring that I have a full and thorough knowledge of the subject area from which I am translating.  In this way, I believe that I can play an important part in bringing the world a little closer, and in improving the exchange and understanding between cultures. I have developed and crafted skills and know-how over the years in order to help you overcome cultural and linguistic barriers.  Through my thorough and methodical research training from Westminster University I am meticulous and exacting, and therefore accurate, in my research skills.  Through my voice over experience I am equally accurate and enthusiastic in matching my recording to your requirement.  I love the interchange of thoughts, ideas and information, and strive to reach the level of excellence and professionalism I was trained to achieve. Having used Microsoft Office applications for almost twenty years, I have an expertise of MS Word up to the latest versions, and considerable experience of working on PowerPoint presentations and Excel charts and spreadsheets. I also use SDLX. I am a member of the international Proz community of translators, and adhere to their professional guidelines for translation service providers.

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