My History


On an academic level, I graduated with a BA(Hons) French & Italian from Salford University, followed a few years later with a Post Graduate Diploma in Technical and Specialised Translation from Westminster University.

Professionally my experience outside of translation has been eclectic. Having come from a theatre arts background, I have worked on a multitude of film and TV sets, behind the scenes for a Brazilian dance entertainment company, extensively as a bi-lingual PA in banks and law firms, and as a secretary in a large London hospital. These diverse areas have provided me with a broad knowledge and understanding of language usage, an awareness of register, and a familiarity with many linguistic fields and specialist terminologies.

I began professional translating in 2008 during my post graduate translation studies.  I eventually built this experience up through joining the largest on line community of worldwide translators.  I now have a list of clients and agencies who regularly use my services in both translation and voice over work.