Recent projects


Project Source Language Number of words
Novel “The Stand-in” by Anonymous  Italian 32,500
EU Report on Romanian timber felling regulations  Romanian 3,847
Short fairytale for children  Romanian 2,500
Collection of reviews for Davide Balliano, Multi-media artist  Italian 3,300
Production treatment for car brand commercial  Italian 2,000
Macedonia crisis: political interviews & regional history  Romanian 4,300
Multiple Real Estate Contracts for Large Estate  Romanian 13,000
Invitation to Tender for Provision of Well Heads  French 9,920
International Arbitration Consent Award  French 6,025
Romanian Prime Minister’s speech on economy & opportunities  Romanian 2,540
Italian Tourism – Programmes for guided walks  Fre. & Ital. 18,000
Medical & Hospital reports for victim of major physical trauma  French 2,300
Hospital diagnosis & treatment notes for cancer patient  Italian 2,100
Museum paper: History of Women in French Textiles Industry  French 4,400
Art review on the bronze sculptures of Valérie Goutard  French 2,641
Marketing: Nutrition & Detoxification programme  Italian 8,300
Motor skills report for autistic child  Romanian 3,100
Company registration documents and by-laws for oil company  Italian 5,300
Academic transcript for 4 year medical degree  Romanian 3,300
EU Water management project in the Southern Mediterranean  French 6,300
Contract: Loan of Niki de Saint Phalle art collection to museum  French 2,946
Contract: Sale of Dolomite  French 3,399
Characters in Training Video for “Petrofac”  English V.O.
Power of Attorney certification for childcare case  Romanian 1,000
User manual for “Spagni” wine filling machine  Italian 5,600
“Dr Pierre Ricaud” marketing – Christmas 2013  French 2,740
“Kinder+Sport” Voice Over script for commercial  Italian 400
Press release for “Replay” Fashions  Italian 1,220
“SilverhouseHD” Property Tour Voice Overs x 2  English V.O.
Web promotion for international dermatological skincare brand.  French 5,007
Human Rights report: Asylum Seekers in Italy, legislation and housing.  Italian 8,129
Letter of Receivership for company insolvency  Romanian 800
Editing of Magazine article on History of Lilac forcing.  French 1,700
Presentational document for legal management consultancy.  French  900
Script for Video Promotion of international sports brand.  Italian 1,200
Recording of 1062 famous names for “How To Say That Name” website.  English  V.O.
Property title search & sale purchase agreement.  Italian 3,530
Radio narrative for documentary on the life and poetry of Dante Alighieri.  Italian 3,156
Fashion supplement for premium hosiery catalogue  Italian 840
Website promotion and publicity flyer for Oxfam Italia  Italian 1,400
Terms and Conditions for Translation Agency  French 1,500
Property report on Magliano Estate, Italy  Italian 3,060
Information Memorandum for online gaming website  Italian 1,000